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About Me:

I am based in Oxford, in the United Kingdom, and have been an artist since early childhood. I specialise in human portraits and animal portraits in pencil and watercolour, and landscapes and botanical subjects in various media. I paint primarily in watercolour, coloured ink and acrylics. 

I get inspiration from living in Oxford, my love of gardening, nature and wildlife, and from my travels. My family roots are in the Caribbean, and I am attracted to bright tropical colours, which feature significantly in my artwork. I adore the blue of tropical skies and oceans, the intense oranges and pinks of sunsets, and the myriad vibrant colours of the indigenous flora and fauna.

I have visited Italy on several occasions to do landscape painting, and some of my work is inspired by places I have visited in Tuscany, Venice and the southern-most region of Sicily. I find the landscapes and architecture in Italy particularly beautiful, and find much subject matter on my visits there. I always carry my sketch books and watercolour paints on my travels, and a camera to capture interesting subjects for future artwork.

I also write poetry and fiction, and hope to publish my work in the near future, including a series of children's books, which I would also like to illustrate.

Please see the events pages for further details about past and forthcoming exhibitions.

Yvonne L. Jones painting in Tuscany, October 2012.

Mission Statement:

My motto is 'Art is for Everyone'. My aim is to provide original art to anyone who appreciates art in its many forms, whatever their social status. I believe art has a beneficial effect on our lives, and if my work brings joy to just one person in the world then I have done my job. There is so much beauty in the world, in all people, our surroundings and the creatures that inhabit this earth. They are a gift that we can all enjoy, which I translate to artistic media in my own personal style.


I have completed several commissions since 2008 and hope to undertake more in the future. If you have a photograph of a relative, friend, your favourite celebrity or a beloved pet that you would like made into a portrait I can produce a piece of artwork in whatever artistic media or size you require. 

I especially enjoy undertaking human and pet portraits. I have a great love of animals, and my family have had many furry friends over the years. I enjoy the challenge of capturing the unique personality of each animal. The eyes are the windows to the soul, and I believe personality shines out of their eyes, which I think should be the focal point in any animal portrait.

I also enjoy landscape painting, and if you have a favourite holiday snap of a beautiful v iew or a landmark that captures the essence of your holid ay memories, I can translate this into a sketch or painting in your preferred media to the size you require.

I sketch and paint a wide variety of other subjects in different artistic media, including celebrity portraits, wildlife portraits, botanical art, urban landscapes, fantasy art, and abstract art, so if you have a specific subject in mind please get in touch at or go to the Contact Me page.

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